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    22 Things That Happen While Choosing Your Wedding Dress

    Prepare for the most epic shopping mission of your life.

    1. You'll spend hours curating detailed Pinterest boards of your favourite wedding dresses.

    2. You'll suffer deep shock when you learn that some wedding boutiques actually make you PAY to go try on the dresses.

    3. You'll have a major dilemma over your underwear situation before the appointment.

    4. You'll respond with silence, bewilderment, and "help me'" eyes when the shop assistant asks, "So, what is it you’re looking for?"

    5. You'll secretly think, Who the fuck would wear that? approximately 100 times as you walk around picking some dresses to try on.

    6. You'll convince yourself you're not going to be one of THOSE brides who spends the cost of a car on a dress you're only going to wear once.

    7. You'll feel the fear that if you touch the dresses you'll somehow leave grubby paw marks all over them.

    8. You'll experience the weird sensation of being clipped into a dress by a woman you’ve never met before.

    9. You'll get trussed up so tight you wonder how brides actually eat…

    10. …or walk.

    11. You'll feel the pressure of the "grand entrance" every time you try on another dress.

    12. Someone WILL cry.

    13. All the brides in the shop will secretly be hoping THEY look the best.

    14. You'll put on at least one incredibly unflattering dress...

    15. ...and wish you’d bothered to sort your hair out before this amount of mirror time.

    16. You'll ask, “Have you got one exactly like this, but cheap?”

    17. You'll play mind games with your bridesmaids by waiting for their opinions first.

    18. You'll fall in love with the "cathedral length" veil the shop assistant pops on your head at the last minute to "complete the look".

    19. You'll have passive-aggressive conversations with your mum about what counts as "too revealing".

    20. You’ll wonder how to point out that you feel slightly overaccessorised.

    21. You’ll try to convince yourself to just buy a cheap dress off Asos.

    22. But then you'll think, TO HELL WITH IT, I’ll only get married once.