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Which Sidechicks Roommate Are You?

Side of the building, center of your heart.

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  1. It's Saturday at 1:00 am, where are you?

    Home, and I've been here since 11
    Side patio chatting up some of my friends that none of my other roommates know
    Fraternity annex house, and I know most of the guys that live there
    New stage reliving the glory days of freshman year
  2. Now it's Sunday morning, what are you up to?

    Emerging from my room at roughly 1 pm, donning my monogrammed robe and eye makeup from the night before
    Already ran 4 miles, did my errands, wrote a paper and probably saved the world
    Eating eggs and playing Chainsmokers in the kitchen
    Not sure what I'm doing but I'm probably not home
  3. What is your typical housekeeping role?

    Cleaning the bathroom for fun
    Sometimes bringing out the garbage and organizing the stack of Cosmos
    Making sure nobody breaks in through the secret door
    Clearing out the smoke from the sausage I cooked
  4. EXAM TIME! How do you prep?

    Move into King for the week
    Study a lot and crush it, per usual
    Study in bed and crush it, sometimes
    Group study sesh in the living room with boys
  5. We have two kitchens so you KNOW there's some good stuff cookin' up here. What's your favorite?

    Quesadilla (incorrectly pronouncing the L even though you speak fluent Spanish)
    Healthy chicken dish that I cooked a week's worth of #mealprepszn
    Mozz sticks or sausage mac
    Is wine a food? Jk probably grapes or Scotty's leftovers
  6. You see the annoying neighbors leaving food out in hopes that stray cats will come by. What do you do?

    Politely tell them the negative consequences of interacting with feral cats
    Spray their asses with the cat repellant you bought
    Go inside and pretend you didn't hear it- they're irrelevant anyways
    *meow* to creep them out
  7. What's your take on sorority life?

    LOVE sisters and LOVE MY FAM OMG
    Good except some people probably forgot I was still an active during recruitment
    I was a recruitment MVP
    Trying desperately to stay relevant by hanging out with younger girls and telling stories about the "good ol' days"
  8. Drink of choice?

    Bottle of Bud
    Tequila sprite, but vodka sprite if I'm with someone who judges my love for the Mexican love nectar
    Vodka sprite or KC tap (although I rarely have to pay for it)
    Redskin or something fruity (it would be wine but don't think side sells it)
  9. If you could pick your ideal Sideboy, what would he be like?

    Someone that I've known since freshman year who my roommates are really good at making feel uncomfy when he comes over ~late night~
    Probably younger than you, nice AF and shares your love of all things 100 proof
    Over 6 feet is a MUST and odds are he's a business major in a particular fraternity
    If he looks like Zac Efron and is DTN (down to Netflix), that's all I need ;)
  10. We live pretty lavish lifestyles (aka the most expensive TWC cable package). How do you pay the bills?

    I never shut up so working as a Tour Guide is right up my alley
    Work off campus at a job that is relevant to my major
    Find me at the circle desk in Armstrong at all hours of the day
    TA for the same class for three years
  11. What are you going to miss most about this lovely living space?

    Not having to hear all of the cars right outside our door every morning
    Relaxing ~ambiance~ of the living room
    Living with all of my faves!!!!! Still love them even though I wasn't friends with them until soph year

Which Sidechicks Roommate Are You?

You got: Emily

Safe to say Ms. Shin is the party animal of the bunch. When she's not at a job interview, some sorority meeting or talking about Spain, you can find her at one of many Uptown establishments (jk most definitely side bar) talking to a boy that is most definitely younger than her, or recovering from one of her various 4 day benders. Nothing to worry about because she's #employed, and if you need your computer fixed this IS major's the gal for the job ;)

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You got: Jennie

Sitting at the bar at new, sipping on a vodka sprite from one of her many bartender ~acquaintances~ is J's thing. She is our resident blonde, and probably the only person who can eat THAT many mozz sticks and still look THAT good. While you can always find her on find my friends, you can rarely find her home at #12 once the sun goes down.

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You got: Amy

Aiiim_to_win all day erry day! This girl knows how to rock walmart sweatpants and an oversized TKE t-shirt like it's her job. Our resident nutrition major is always down to bake us some rad desserts and inhale skippers between the hours of 12-2 am. Need a break from your stressful day? Aim will be waiting for you with a shatter-proof glass and a big ass bottle of chardonnay.

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You got: Mary

RUN MARY RUUUUN! This fit roomie splits her time between running shit at armstrong and running miles a day. Mur is her name, Bravo reality shows are her game! Also, while the rest of us are content in sweatpants all day and night, you can always find mary wearing something #trendy on her insta story. You KNOW it's gonna be a good night when you see this chick hangin against the mirrors at side.

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