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    Camila Cabello Styled Us For A Week And We Looked Absolutely Stunning

    Latina love all around.

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    As we all know, Camila Cabello is beautiful, talented, and has flawless taste in fashion.


    She's a Cuban-American singer, pop star, and all-around trendsetter.

    She stopped by Pero Like and agreed to offer some style inspiration to Shila, Maya, Julissa, and Claudia.


    The ladies based their outfits on songs off of Camila's album.

    Watch her advice for the women here:

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    They kicked things off with an outfit inspired by Camila's song "Havana," which she described like the red flamenco emoji.


    She loves any dress or top that bares the shoulders.

    But that's not it. Shila also had to have an actual Havana night. Sort of.


    She had a super fun night out on the town, dancing as if it was Miami right smack in the middle of Los Angeles.

    Shila absolutely loved how the outfit hugged her curves. She said she felt totally free, and got a lot of looks, which made her feel a bit bashful.


    "I really tried to embrace Camila Cabello because I think she's fierce and fabulous."

    Maya was inspired by Camila's song "All These Years" for her look that included high-waisted jeans and a shirt.


    Although she was unsure about showing her midriff, she channeled Camila's badassery and freakin' rocked it.

    Maya ended up loving the outfit. She was proud to show it off on her body, too.


    "I really commend Camila for inspiring young Latinas, and Latinas in general, to follow their dreams, follow their heart."

    Then came the look inspired by Camila's song, "Real Friends."


    Camila said it's definitely important for you to have a pair of jeans that fits you well. So, Claudia chose to wear a pair of classic pair of blue jeans that practically go with everything.

    Claudia said the outfit allowed her to step outside her comfort zone, because it gave her a very clear objective of the look she was going for.


    She said people definitely noticed it wasn't an everyday outfit for her, and were very complimentary about it.

    Then they focused on Camila's song, "Into It." So, what is Camila into? The saying that something is ugly until Rihanna decides it's not.


    So Julissa's challenge was to channel Rihanna. And, boy did she!

    Julissa totally agreed with Camila's admiration of Rihanna. I mean, RhiRhi can make anything look good.


    Julissa said, "I feel like I took that into consideration as I wore my outfit."

    Lastly, they looked at Camila's song "She Loves Control" for inspiration.


    All four ladies donned the same shirt from a new Latina-owned line they discovered called Bella Doña. The female empowerment was real.

    Looking good, ladies! And go on with your bad self, Camila!