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17 Paint Hacks You Absolutely Need In Your Life

Sometimes painting is hard. Just like these paint hacks, Sherwin-Williams will make your next paint project a whole lot easier.

1. Use rubbing alcohol to determine if existing paint is oil or latex based.

After soaking a cotton ball in alcohol, rub it back and forth over a small area of the wall. If the paint comes off, the preexisting paint is latex based. If the paint remains, it's oil based, which calls for use of an oil-based primer before painting can continue.

2. Remove the fuzz off a paint roller with a lint roller.

3. Use petroleum jelly to cover areas you don't want painted.

4. Use tin foil to cover the doorknob as you paint.

5. Remove dried-up paint from paintbrushes with vinegar.

6. Repurpose a plastic lid as a splatter shield.

7. Prevent paint from drying and sealing a paint can lid by puncturing holes around the rim of the can.

8. Cleanly remove excess paint with a rubber band wrapped around a paint can.

9. Prevent lap marks by properly loading your roller.

Ridges of dried paint (known as lap marks) are a common painting problem. You should NEVER submerge a roller directly into the paint. The excess paint will find its way into the crevices of the roller and will squeeze out when rolling. Properly load the roller by using the roller tray screen to coat its entire surface.

10. Paint in a W or zig-zag pattern for a smooth finish.

11. Cut a milk jug to act as a paint and paintbrush holder.

12. Fasten a pool noodle around the rim of a bucket to act as a paintbrush holder.

13. Attach your paintbrush to the metal can with a magnet.

14. Remind yourself what paint color you used by writing down the information behind a light switch.

15. Wrap tin foil around the paint roller tray for easy cleanup.

16. Use baby oil to help remove latex paint off your hands.

17. If your project moves into the next day, store used paintbrushes in the refrigerator to prevent drying.

For more ideas and inspiration – maybe for the very project you’re considering – Visit Tint and Bristles, the official Tumblr blog of Sherwin-Williams.

Photos by Sarah Stone, Spencer Bergen, and Aubree Lennon. Illustrations by Kristin Rossi.