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I Love You And Can You Give Me $10,000 To Have A Vacation From The Us Army

Catfishers in Ghana are at it again. This time, they are involving the UN (not the United Nations, but the "United Nation") and the US Army.

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"I love you baby," is how the catfisher grabs the victim. My mom was target by the person listed in the photo. He claims that he is a 2 star Army General stuck in Kabul and for only $10,000 USD, my mom can get him out on vacation leave purchased through the "United Nation." Thankfully, my mother was not going to fall for this scam. My husband and I teamed up to stop this person from causing my mother grief. Sometimes, the catfisher was talking to me and sometimes, he was talking to my husband. The issue was that I wanted a location to know where he was at so I could turn that information over to the authorities.

How the scammer works the potential victim

How the scammer works the potential victim

Our first step was to create a gmail account for my mom in hopes that we would get information that we could use. Unfortunately, the first email was a gmail account. However, the second email yielded an IP address tied to latitude and longitude coordinates.

Our next question is what to do for the next steps? How do we stop these people from targeting widows and elderly individuals from being ready made targets? In an effort to stop this person, we contacted the FBI and the US Army, but nothing has happened so far. FaceBook hasn't removed the profile for the person. Hopefully, if enough people report him, they will stop him from that account. Stay tuned as we catch the catfisher and find out where to send the information to so that we can take care of the fishy person.

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