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Zedd's Mansion Is The Craziest/Coolest/Richest Thing I've Ever Seen


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OK, so in case you don't know: This is Zedd.

He's a Russian-German DJ. He's responsible for a ton of hits that you can't get out of your head like "Stay" and "The Middle."

He's also very very VERY rich. This is obvious because his house is insane.

Architectural Digest took a tour of his $16 million LA mansion and lemme just say, OH MY FUCKING GOD. Here are some absolutely rich people things this dude has in his home:

1. Three separate sections: One for work and working out, one for living, and one for sleeping.

2. A water pathway that somehow no one has ever fallen into.

3. A door that goes both ways.

You gotta keep it fresh, somehow!

4. A real tree right inside that Zedd wants to swap out with a fake one.

The real one is dying. Plus, he can put a phone charger in a fake one.

The real one is dying. Plus, he can put a phone charger in a fake one.

5. A Skittles vending machine.

6. A pool that is always at 97 degrees.

7. Curtains that are set on an automatic timer.

8. A server room that he mistook for another room because THERE ARE SO MANY ROOMS.

9. And one of those many, many rooms is a "Costco room," where he stockpiles everything he needs so he doesn't have to leave the house.

10. An outdoor patio off the master bedroom that has a TV, because sometimes you want to watch TV outside.

11. A closet for shoes.

12. A kitchen table that also has a hibachi grill inside.

13. Four ovens.

14. A faucet over the stove to fill pots so that you don't have to walk back-and-forth from the sink.

15. A vacuum underneath the cabinets so if you drop food, you can just kick it and it gets sucked up.

16. A table just for board games.

17. Doors that open up completely so you can be indoors and outdoors at the same time.

18. And a gym.

Watch the whole video here. And if you need me, I'm off trying to become a millionaire DJ ASAP.

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