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Everyone Pretty Much Made The Same Joke About Daft Punk At The Grammys


At the 2017 Grammys, The Weeknd performed "I Feel It Coming" with duo Daft Punk.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

They also played, like, three seconds of "Starboy."

And since Daft Punk kept their helmets on like usual, people on Twitter started cracking jokes.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

1. Some think they're just some random teens:

A big conspiracy theory for you: Those are two teens who got paid $100 to pretend to be Daft Punk. (Prove me wrong and I'll give you $5)

2. Or two rent-for-a-performance guys:

Daft Punk ain't even there. They got these dudes off Craigslist. #GRAMMYs

3. Then there were those who recognized the duo from a certain blockbuster:

I've hated Daft Punk ever since they killed that old man in Catching Fire. #Grammys

4. While the set made it seem like they could be in Superman.

Daft Punk looking hella cool in their capes on the Fortress of Solitude


In these troubling times, it’s encouraging that Daft Punk haven’t decided to return to their home planet. #Grammys

6. Of course, there were Darth Vader comparisons:

Daft Punk looking so good at the #GRAMMYs


I'm sorry I still don't understand daft punk are they robots or are they darth Vader I just feel like I'm watching a sci fi #GRAMMYs


Daft Punk kinda looks like they could be villains on Star Wars 😂


10. And some even recognized them as certain public figures:

Crazy to think that Daft Punk has been Donald Jr. and Eric Trump this whole time #GRAMMYs


Rare image of Daft Punk singing without their helmets. #GRAMMYs


Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

*JK, Daft Punk are two Frenchmen named Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. OR ARE THEY?!?!?!

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