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Taylor Swift Had An Epic July 4th Party And Invited All Her Famous Friends

We can all do it!

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Step 1: Be Taylor Swift.

All it takes is Grammy-winning songwriting talent, a cute AF haircut, and an extremely successful pop career.

Step 2: Get a super-hot DJ boyfriend.

It also helps if he's super successful too.

Step 3: Cook ALL the food.

You need to feed them, don't you?

Step 4: Invite every friend you can think of to your Independence Day blowout!

High school friends, work friends, celebrity friends. Invite them all to your multimillion-dollar estate in Rhode Island.


Step 5: Wear American flag onesies.

Because you all look like supermodels and can pull it off.

Step 6: Snuggle your hot DJ boyfriend.

Because you can.

Step 7: Live IRL the hashtag "Swan Goals."