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In Either Good News Or Terrible News, Tom Brady Has Joined Instagram

Welcome to IG, Tom!

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Tom Brady is a super famous Quarterback for the New England Patriots. Chances are you know who he is even if you don't understand American football at all.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

He's also married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen, who currently has 11 million followers on IG because, well, she's a supermodel.

She posts totally casual pics like this one.

Taking a page from his wife's book, Tom has finally — FINALLY — joined Instagram. And look, he's been on for one day, has two photos, and is already closing in on 734k followers.

The first photo Tom posted is him looking like he's saying, "What is this thing that is falling from the sky?"

The caption reads: "You can take the boy out of California... and I think they took the California out of the boy!"

And his second photo is of his legs watching football with his daughter Vivian.

The caption reads: "Football Sunday with my girlie girl #gopats #letsgooooo"

So, whether you love him, hate him, hate to love him, or love to hate him, Tom Brady is now on Instagram. Welcome, Tom!

This post was written by a native New Yorker. Go Giants.

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