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    Updated on Aug 31, 2020. Posted on Jul 8, 2016

    11 Things You Never Knew About The "Outlander" Cast

    The "cast clown" might surprise you.

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    Fans of Outlander might say their favorite thing about the show are the clothes, the dialogue, perhaps the jaw-dropping scenery. But at the heart of Outlander are the relationships between the three leads Caitriona Balfe (as Claire Randall Fraser), Sam Heughan (as Jamie Fraser), and Tobias Menzies, who pulls double duty as dutiful husband Frank and horrible dude Black Jack Jonathan Randall.

    Since Outlander has one of the best casts on television, we just had to play a little game of cast superlatives with the stars. Who's the most like their character in real life? Who's the funniest? Find out!

    1. Who's the funniest cast member?

    Caitriona Balfe: Duncan [Lacroix, who plays Murtagh Fraser].

    Sam Heughan: Duncan is an absolute animal.

    Tobias Menzies: I guess I do spend quite a lot of my time trying to make people laugh. If you don't know who it is they say it's you, isn't it?

    2. Who is the brainiac of the cast?

    CB: Oh we've got quite a few actually. Tobias is up there, Graham [McTavish, who plays Dougal MacKenzie], Duncan. There's some smart people. Simon Callow [who plays the Duke of Sandringham], oh my God, that's a brainiac.

    SH: Tobias is very intelligent or at least he comes across as very intelligent. I think it's his accent.

    TM: You know who'd be deceptive actually is Duncan Lacroix who plays Murtagh. He's got a bit about him.

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    3. Who is most likely to be found eating all day?

    CB: Sam or Graham — actually between the two.

    SH: Graham McTavish does not stop eating.

    4. Who is most likely to be caught reading a book in between scenes?

    CB: Duncan or Graham.

    SH: Caitriona Balfe!

    TM: Cat's a bit of a reader, I'm a bit of a reader.


    5. Who is most likely to be caught texting or taking a selfie?

    CB: Sam, for sure.

    TM: Who would that be? Probably some of the younger actors. I'm definitely a luddite so it'd never be me so some of the youngsters.

    6. Who would suffer the most in the 1740s?

    CB: Me.

    SH: I'm not sure Caitriona would do that well to be honest. I think she'd hate it.

    TM: I think Graham. Yeah, he likes his creature comforts.

    7. Who of the cast would thrive the most in the 1740s?

    CB: Sam.

    SH: I'm gonna say me. I think I'd be pretty resourceful. I think I'd alright for about a day and then I'd probably die.

    TM: That's a good question. I think it'd be a tie between Duncan and Sam. Duncan would do well actually, I remember when we were prepping, he did a few days of walking in the highlands, getting a good sense of what it would be like.

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    8. Who has the best manners?

    CB: I'll say Tobias.

    SH: Caitriona.

    TM: That would be Sam. Actually he's a true gent.

    9. Who has the worst manners?

    CB: Grant [O'Rourke, who plays Rupert MacKenzie].

    SH: Probably Duncan.

    TM: Me, probably. Brought up in a field.

    10. Who is least like their character in real life?

    CB: Tobias.

    SH: Graham. One moment he'll be talking about acting or something and drinking a coffee and the next minute he's like the gruffest, toughest, scariest Scotsman you've ever met.

    TM: I think I'm quite like Frank but not so much like Black Jack.

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    11. Who is most like their character in real life?

    CB: Sam, I suppose!

    SH: It's funny actually, no one really is their character. Everyone is definitely playing someone different. But I guess Duncan is the most method of anyone.

    TM: I think we all have similarities to them and I think we've probably become more attached and associated with them as we've gone along. But I think Sam quite effortlessly has a sort of natural kind of chivalrous dignity about him as a person.

    The season finale of Outlander airs Saturday, July 9th on Starz!


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