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The Foster-Hadids Are The Best Family On Earth

Literally can't even.

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Meet Yolanda Hadid Foster.

And this is how she travels.

She is, of course, the BEST Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.

Her husband is David Foster.

Also known as the guy who wrote or produced every major hit ever. Yeah, he's been nominated for a Grammy 47 times. 47. 4-7.

This is Yolanda's closet.

Because life isn't fair.

And this is her backyard.


Yo used to be married to Mohamed Hadid, who does something with houses and makes a shit ton of money.

Look at them having an extremely healthy and warm friendship post-divorce.

This is Gigi, Anwar, and Bella.

They're all teenagers but weirdly like each other's company.

Gigi and Bella are both models signed with IMG. Anwar is also hot.

Here are the girls at a casual work function.

The family is extremely close.

Aren't kids supposed to hate their mothers?

Mohamed calls this cottage home.

Here's Mohamed with his fiancée, Shiva.

Is this a fucking Ralph Lauren ad?

They seem to have a nice life.

You might think: Teenage girls, young soon-to-be stepmom. They must hate her, right?

Wrong. That's Shiva with Gigi and Bella as well as Mohamed's daughters Alana and Marielle.

Marielle just had her second child, Colton.

Her daughter Coco is pretty cute too.

Go Hadids.

Yeah, everyone loves each other.

Oh look! There's Shiva with Gigi.

Yeah, I'd be proud too if my stepdaughter just landed a Tom Ford beauty campaign.

Are you jealous of this family yet?

How about now?

How'd you get dem genes into dem jeans?

Yep, this is what perfection looks like.

BRB becoming a Foster/ Hadid.

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