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17 Times Your Bridesmaids Saved Your Ass

They're right by your side.

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1. When you were tired of looking for a wedding dress.

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And they were always there to say, "Keep your head up, we'll find it."

2. When you were making some really... questionable choices and you needed someone to bring you back to earth.

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This is when your bridesmaid goes, "No, you cannot put on self-tanner 10 minutes before putting on your dress."

3. When you wanted your bachelorette party to be off the chain.

Ordering strippers is what bridesmaids do best.

4. When they knew exactly what your bridal shower needed.

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More mimosas, less awkward games, please.

5. When you were so over your DIY projects and they said, "I'll be right over."

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There's nothing quite like an all-nighter crafting with your BFFs.

6. When you were stressed TF out and you needed someone to remind you to loosen up.

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Whether it's asking you to go hiking, out for a coffee, or even a good ol' fashioned happy hour, they were there to take your mind off of things.

7. When everyone else was sick of you talking about your wedding and they listened to you as if it was the first time they've heard about your table arrangements.

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Plus, they "liked" all of your social media ~updates~ because THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS DO.

8. When they didn't complain at all about their bridesmaid dress.

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You know what they did instead? FREAKIN' ROCKED IT LIKE IT WAS THE CATWALK.

9. When they told you to stop freaking out over stationery choices, and instead focus on your future life with your S.O.

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That's what this wedding is all about, right?

10. When you just needed someone to hug you.

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Sometimes that's all it takes to get you through this craziness.

11. When your aunt got a little too tipsy at the rehearsal dinner and tried to make a toast and one of your bridesmaids expertly diverted her to the bathroom.

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Your aunt always thinks she should sing at functions. ALWAYS.

12. When you needed an impromptu dance party right before the ceremony started.


It's like they're a bridesmaid and an Olympics coach. "NOW, LET'S GO GET MARRIED!!!"

13. When they made sure you looked absolutely ~perfect~ at all times.

Do you know how many buttons and loops there are? And that train doesn't move itself.
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Do you know how many buttons and loops there are? And that train doesn't move itself.

14. When you had to GO.

They were there holding up that damn frilly dress.
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They were there holding up that damn frilly dress.

15. When someone had to be the first one to get on the dance floor.


There's always that awkward five seconds where no one wants to be the first one to dance. Luckily, one of your bridesmaids started busting a move to break the ice.

16. When you realized there's nothing quite like having all of your BFFs together in one place.

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17. And when they asked you to be a bridesmaid for them, and you said "Yes!" in a heartbeat.

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