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Selena Gomez Turned 25 And Celebrated In A Very Chill Way

Happy 25th, Sel!

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Obligatory intro: This is Selena Gomez. She's a singer/actress/fashion icon.

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On July 22nd, our precious Goddess Selena turned 25.


And how did she celebrate? With a huge club party? Renting a yacht to sail the Mediterranean? Dancing in a big pile of money? NOPE. Our girl Selena kept it chill with a quiet night at home with some friends.

Selena posted two photos to IG of her laid-back birthday party. Homegirl loves teal and white.

The caption reads:

Thank you for all of my bday love. I couldn't be more blessed. A lot of you don't realize how much you mean to me. I. Love. You. --think 25 is going to be epic. xo

And in the second photo, Selena simply captioned it "My people":

For a birthday present, Selena asked her friends and family to make a donation to lupus research.

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! Asked my family and friends to make a donation -if you want to join:

Happy birthday, Sel!


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