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    Meet The Model Who Made History On The "Sports Illustrated" Cover

    Hooray for Ashley Graham!

    This is Ashley Graham. She's a model, body activist, and designer.

    And now she's made history as the first plus-size woman on the cover of the infamous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

    Sports Illustrated / Via


    Ashley's on one of three covers along with UFC superstar and actress Ronda Rousey and model Hailey Clauson.

    Ashley has been in the mag before, in an ad for the swimsuit brand Swimsuits for All.

    Swimsuits for All
    Swimsuits for All

    Ashley's Swimsuits for All ad in last year's issue and this year's.

    But now she gets to celebrate the fact that she's made the cover as an official Sports Illustrated Rookie.

    Sports Illustrated / Via

    Last year, model Robyn Lawley became the first plus model to be featured in an editorial in the storied magazine.

    Yeah, she's pretty much killing it.

    Sports Illustrated / Via

    Congrats, girl!

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