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    Someone Got Shot In The Throat By A Flaming Arrow On "America's Got Talent"

    Skip this if you don’t like fire heading toward someone’s throat.

    Ryan and Amber Lynn are an engaged couple who happen to be on America's Got Talent, doing things like swallowing swords. On last night's show, Ryan decided to swallow a sword with a target on it, so that Amber could shoot a flaming arrow at it. Spoiler alert: It doesn't hit the target.

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    You can catch the full aftermath of the stunt here.

    So Ryan swallows the target...

    ...Amber Lynn gets ready to shoot...

    ...and yeah, fire + throat.

    Since this was a LIVE show, no one really knew what to do.

    Howie was adamant that Ryan head to an EMT after judging.

    While Mel and Heidi were still pretty shocked.

    They also gave the couple credit for how hard the stunt is.

    Meanwhile, Simon just goes, "Why are we judging this act? Amber just shot Ryan and he needs to go to a hospital, now."

    Don't worry — Ryan is A-OK. And they're going to try it again.

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    Live TV, man.