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    Pink's Daughter Holding Hair Clippers Is My New Favorite Thing

    Too good.

    Pink is obviously the best.

    And her family is cute AF too.

    Now that we have background info out of the way, I have to let you in on a lil' secret: I've never been obsessed with memes. Like, they're funny and everything, but people freak out about them way too much.


    At least that's what I thought until I saw this photo of Willow holding hair clippers after giving her pops a trim.

    This is my face every time my alarm goes off in the morning.

    This is me when guac is extra.

    This is me when a guy says, "You're not like other girls ;)".

    This is me when someone asks if I cook for my husband every night like a good wife.

    This is me when commenters ask if I got paid to write this.

    Tbh, I now understand the power of the meme so thank you, Willow!

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