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Margot Robbie Gave A Super Revealing Interview About Fame And Success

She's actually just like us.

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This is Margot Robbie. She's the talented, gorgeous, incredible actress who's been blowing up our screens for a few years now.

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See: The Wolf of Wall Street, Suicide Squad, and the upcoming I,

In recent years, Margot has added producer to her resume — and she even started the production company LuckyChap with her husband Tom Ackerley and best friends Sophia Kerr and Josey McNamara.

They used to all be roommates and are now taking Hollywood by storm, no biggie.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, Margot said, "It's hard, I'm sure a ton of people reading this have their own business and it's so hard. Having a business is stressful and time-consuming, but it's incredibly rewarding."


"There are obviously a lot of times where I'll have a meltdown and go: 'I can't do it anymore.' And you miss out on a lot of things, like you rarely go on holidays, you miss everyone's weddings, everyone's birthdays."

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"I haven’t been home once this year, I haven’t seen my best friends, my nephew. So there’s that side to it where it kind of hurts to sacrifice those things, but it’s also enormously satisfying to build something and to be part of something."

"It’s wild to think it’s been 10 years since Neighbours. It’s so crazy because time has flown, but at the same time, so, so much has happened. I’m thrilled with where I’m at in my career. I’ve got absolutely no regrets, every experience has been incredible, character-building and career-shaping.”

Margot's bestie Sophia also told the mag that the Australian is still pretty much the same girl she's always been. She said:

She has all the same friends since before she was famous. She FaceTimes her mum, siblings and nephew [who live on the Gold Coast] on a weekly basis. She’s in group texts where we all make fun of one another…she doesn’t get any special treatment!