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23 Times You Wished You Were Gisele Bündchen

She is obviously a wizard.

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1. When she was like, "Hold on, my husband is playing in the Super Bowl, lemme take a selfie."


2. And then when her husband won and she was like, "Yay."

Like, same.

3. When she was like, "Date night, amirite?"

Duh, same.

4. When she was like, "Here are my little angels."


5. And when she was like, "Breakfast."

*hides day old Pop Tart and Diet Coke*


6. When she was like, "Let's make a sign to root your dad on in the SUPER BOWL."

It's so time-consuming, I have to do this with my kids EVERY YEAR.

7. When she was all like, "Karl, Baz, and I go way back."

I actually was in the same sorority as Karl and Baz so THERE.

8. When she was like, "Just a normal family day."

*cries into pillow*

Totally. Same.

11. When she was like, "#tbt to that time I met the DALAI LAMA."

We're so close I actually call him Dal.

12. When she was like, "Sure, Jimmy, I'll dance with you."

I actually turned down the opportunity to appear on the Tonight Show because whatevs, right?

13. When she was like, "This is so easy."

But I can walk up the stairs without getting out of breath, BEAT THAT.

14. When she was like, "Don't everyone's jogs look like they're in a Vogue spread?"

Real talk, though: Who's taking that picture?

15. When she was like, "I'll stare at you for 10 seconds and you shall be healed."

I love spending my free time sitting on the beach looking at turtles. No, really, I do.

16. When she was like, "Oh, your toddler doesn't do yoga too?"

Remember that one time a 2-year-old was more flexible than me LOL SO FUNNY.

17. "Because mine also loves to meditate."


18. When she was like, "It's so freezing here in my Boston mansion."

I've been there, homegirl. The worst.

19. When she was like, "My dogs are starring in a reboot of Homeward Bound."

My dog won't stay still for more than three seconds so SAME.

20. When she was like, "Work, ya know?"


21. But honestly, Gisele, what is your life?


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