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    I Can't Stop Watching This Video Of Katharine McPhee Getting Mistaken For Sophia Bush

    So... much... cringe... but... can't... look... away...

    This is Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill, Chicago P.D., and most importantly, John Tucker Must Die because that film does NOT get the respect it deserves.

    And this is Katharine McPhee, American Idol runner-up (she was robbed), and actor of Smash, Scorpion, and Waitress fame.

    For the sake of remaining as clear as possible, these are TWO separate women. Sophia on the left, Katharine on the right.

    Why am I specifying? Well, recently Katharine posted a hilarious video from back in the day, aka 2000-something, when a red carpet reporter confused her for Sophia. Just watch — warning, you may cringe:




    In case you were wondering, Sophia loved it too, commenting, "I legitimately cannot stop laughing."