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People Are Mad At Hilary Duff And Her BF For This Native American Costume


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Hilary Duff went to a Halloween party Friday night. She's the leotard-wearing Pilgrim on the left.

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And she brought along her boyfriend, trainer Jason Walsh, who dressed up as...a Native American.

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Yup, there's a lot going on here.

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People were not having it.

Dear @HilaryDuff, No. Signed, People with sense.

The pair were called "insensitive and ignorant" for the cultural appropriation.

No @HilaryDuff Traditional dress is not a costume and you being dressed as a pilgrim proves to me how insensitive a…

People demanded she and Walsh apologize.

@HilaryDuff Apologize for your disgusting costume & to Native people of this land who continue their struggle to be seen, heard & respected

Heck, they even brought Gordo into this.

@HilaryDuff your halloween costume is ignorant and incredibly disappointing. Come on lizzy mcguire... Feel like Gordo would've stopped this

Some people were especially angry since earlier in the week more than 100 Native Americans and their supporters were arrested in North Dakota while trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from being constructed on sacred lands.

.@HilaryDuff on any given day this is disgusting but considering what literally JUST happened at #NODAPL this is especially evil

Hilary or Jason have yet to respond to the controversy, though Hilary has already had her Instagram flooded with comments and Jason's has been changed to a private account.

A representative for Hilary Duff did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Hilary and Jason have both posted messages apologizing for the costumes.

"I am SO sorry to people I offended with my costume. It was not properly thought through and I am truly, from the bottom of my ❤️ sorry."

I am SO sorry to people I offended with my costume.It was not properly thought through and I am truly, from the bottom of my ❤️sorry.

"I meant no disrespect. I only have admiration for the indigenous people of America. In hindsight I would not have made that decision. I apologize to anyone I may have offended."

Instagram: @risemovement

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