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17 Ways You Know Your Celeb Crush Has Gotten Way Out Of Hand

Don't forget about me, Leo.

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1. You know pretty much everything about their lives.

AOL / Via

Birthdates, hometowns, the drama school teacher who inspired them to become an actor.

2. And with every new fact you find out about them, you realize just how perfect you are for each other.

Bravo / Via

OMFG they love chocolate! I totally love chocolate too — are two people more perfect for each other than us?

3. Everything that comes out of their mouths is absolutely GENIUS.


They just posted about their dog on Instagram, look at them fighting for animal rights <3.

4. You watch almost every interview they've ever done.


That random time they were on that Japanese game show promoting that made-for-TV movie? You've seen it and noticed how they do this eye-twitch thing.

5. You'll go to the movies to see any film they're in — even if it's shit.

The WB / Via

But Channing totally made G.I. Joe worth it, right? RIGHT?

6. And buy whatever album they've made.

Bravo / Via

Do you hear those lyrics? It's like Adele is begging for someone to love her. I'm that person. ME. MEEEEEEEEEE.

7. You will defend them to anyone.

Bravo / Via

So what if most of Gerard Butler's movies suck, he works really hard, OK?!

8. Your friends don't understand why you try to tweet at your crush in hopes of a reply.

E! / Via


9. You're proud of their accomplishments as if you actually know them.

NBC / Via

Lupita deserves this, I am so proud of her!

10. And when you find out they're going to be in the same town as you, you don't even know how to handle yourself.

Bravo / Via

Just the mere fact that they'll be within 30 miles of you is exciting.

11. If you're really down the rabbit hole, you've come up with baby names.

... And planned your wedding at BFF George Clooney's estate in Lake Como.

(Images via E!)

12. You'll casually figure out how you can try and meet them.


I'll be at the concert, we'll lock eyes, they'll invite me backstage, and BOOM — marriage.

13. But if you ever actually met them, you know you would freak out.

NBC / Via

This went so much more smoothly in my head.

14. And when the inevitable happens — they get together with someone else who's famous — you feel personally betrayed.

Voltage / Via

15. For a second you might even feel a little lost.

Oxygen / Via

16. Like so what if I'm still in middle school, how could you do this to me?

Bravo / Via

17. But then you discover a new celeb obsession and all is right with the world.

FOX / Via

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