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Holy Guacamole, Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee's Son Got Really Hot

When a rocker and a model come together, magic happens.

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Young'uns out there, gather round, for I have a story to tell. There once was a couple named Tommy and Pam who knew about videotapes all too well.

Henny Ray Abrams / AFP / Via Getty Images

Though their marriage ended, husband and wife no more, the two stayed close, no doubt because of the sons they bore.

Pascal Guyot / AFP / Via Getty Images

Brandon and Dylan Lee were born in the '90s, and now — holy crap, Brandon got hot.

Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

What is this?

Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

Wait, is that Bella Thorne?

Yes, yes it is.

Congratulations, we're all officially ancient.

Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images

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