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    21 Reasons Why Chandler Bing Is Your Soulmate

    Could you be any more perfect for each other?

    1. His burns are epic.

    2. (So epic that you would be honored to be on the receiving end of one.)

    3. Even his corny dad jokes will make you smile.

    4. He's basically a professional dancer.

    5. Seriously, he's somehow both terribly awkward and wonderfully endearing at the same time.

    6. He can pull off any outfit like a supermodel — what a handsome velveteen rabbit!

    7. He's self aware, which is always an important quality in a partner.

    8. You share the same thoughts about yummy food.

    9. And he's hilariously self deprecating.

    10. He's wittier than Winston Churchill.

    11. OK, maybe not, but he comes very, very close.

    12. He's the best at photoshoots — pretty much at supermodel status.

    13. He is the epitome of a well-mannered gentleman. Tbh though, everyone should be telling Ross to shut up.

    14. He's a master conversationalist.

    15. He picked up advertising very quickly because he's a visionary.

    16. He's super graceful.

    17. He's a Renaissance Man.

    18. He's so observant that he might be a philosophical genius.

    19. He's really in touch with his emotions.

    20. He's incredibly patient — especially with children like Joey.

    21. And most importantly, he would love you with all his heart.