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15 Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow On Instagram, Like Right Now

These are the women you see at brunch and say, "One day I'll have it together like her."

1. Tanesha Awasthi — @girlwithcurves

The Blog: Girl with Curves

The Look: Tanesha is that woman you see at brunch who makes you say, "One day I'll have it together like her."

Why Follow? She'll inspire your inner First Lady like no other.

2. Gabi Gregg — @gabifresh

The Blog: Gabifresh

Her Look: "Oh, that's so cute — you have to wait in line at clubs? I kind of just stroll in."

Why Follow? Her swimsuit shots will make you want to book a vacation STAT.

3. Nadia Aboulhosn — @nadiaaboulhosn

The Blog: Nadia Aboulhosn

Her Look: Off-duty supermodel who's just trying to see her boyfriend perform at a gig downtown but all these photogs are chasing her.

Why Follow? Her badass outfits will release your inner rockstar.

4. Georgina Horne — @fullerfigurefullerbust

The Blog: Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Her Look: If Jessica Rabbit were a real human woman, she would be Georgina.

Why Follow? Georgina specializes in lingerie, and her shots are brave, bold, and most importantly — breathtaking.

5. Nicolette Mason — @nicolettemason

The Blog: Nicolette Mason

Her Look: "I'd like timeless, sophisticated look with a side of edgy and on-trend accessories, please."

Why Follow? She's basically a pioneer of plus-size fashion blogging and knows what she is talking about. Don't trust me? Trust Marie Claire — they hired her to be a columnist.

6. Ragini Nag Rao — @kittehinfurs

The Blog: A Curious Fancy

Her Look: "Zooey Deschanel looks to ME for style advice, k?"

Why Follow? Her twee shots will remind you of a lush Wes Anderson movie.

7. Teer Wayde — @teerwayde

The Blog: Curves to Kill

Her Look: Teer is the female character in the noir film you're watching and you're not quite sure if she's an angel or a double agent — all you know is that she looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Why Follow? Retro has never looked so badass — and so good.

8. Allison Teng — @curvygirlchic

The Blog: Curvy Girl Chic

Her look: Welcome to the O.C., bitch — Allison is all about easy pieces that look effortlessly put together.

Why Follow? She makes that typical laid-back Cali style look oh-so-chic. Get it?

9. Franceta Johnson — @francetajohnson

The Blog: Franceta Johnson

Her Look: "Haha no, I'm not Solange — I'm actually more fashionable."

Why Follow? Her clothes couldn't be more downtown-cool if Cara Delevingne rubbed her body against them.

10. Callie Thorpe — @calliethorpe

The Blog: From the Corners of the Curve

Her Look: British socialite who's too busy checking out Glastonbury to worry about your dumb society pages.

Why Follow? She looks just as gorgeous on a secluded beach as she does on the rainy streets of London.

11. Kobi Jae — @kobi_jae

The Blog: Horror Kitsch Bitch

Her Look: Did you not see the name of her blog? Horror. Kitsch. [Beautiful]. Bitch.

Why Follow? Her outfits are so inspired you'll wonder if you're actually looking at a Tim Burton film.

12. Chastity Garner-Valentine — @garnerstyle

The Blog: The Curvy Girl

Her Look: Blair Waldorf takes Daisy Buchanan out for brunch.

Why Follow? She takes the most glamorous of fashion trends and translates them into accessible styles for us mere plebeians.

13. Jay Miranda — @pinklip

The Blog: Jay Miranda

Her Look: Upper East Sider who doesn't mind taking the subway because she's hip like that.

Why Follow? The mommy proves that great style doesn't stop at conception.

14. Georgina — @cupcakesloveme

The Blog: Cupcake's Clothes

Her Look: Like a beautiful, fun, decorative (dare I say it)... cupcake.

Why Follow? The color palette is infectious and her precious shots will lighten your moodiest of days.

15. Marie Denee — The Curvy Fashionista

The Blog: The Curvy Fashionista

Her Look: "See me up in the club with 50 of them girls / Posted in the back diamond fangs in my grill."

Why Follow? She's all you've ever wanted in a blogger — chic, sexy, and fun.

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