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    19 Mushy Bulldogs That We All Need To See Today

    What mushballs.

    1. This distinguished mushball:

    2. And this lil' nugget:

    3. This gentle napper:

    4. And this relaxing pupper:

    5. This chunky munchkin:

    6. And this adorable little pup:

    7. This talented bullie:

    8. And this major sports fan:

    9. This tiny pile of wrinkles:

    10. And this hidden reindeer:

    11. This fashionable stud:

    12. This lil' show-off:

    13. And this way-too-cute troublemaker:

    14. This stunning adventurer:

    15. This little mush-mush who wants to play:

    16. And this bud who wants to know what's for dinner:

    17. This big dreamer:

    18. This Christmas fan:

    19. that you?