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Bill Hader Pulled Off An Epic Prank And Made A Cancer Survivor's Wish Come True

Reason 457 why you love Bill Hader.

Bill Hader is the best. There's no question about it. And because he's the best, he made one lucky girl's dream come true by dressing up as a firefighter and pranking her classmates as part of the Make-A-Wish foundation.

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That accent is so on point. AND STEFAN!!!

It all started when thyroid cancer survivor Grace Aroune asked Bill to help her prank her entire school.

To disguise himself as "Mike," Bill had to really get into character.

He had to pass out firemen hats — you know, safety first.

"Mike" taught everyone how to crawl out of precarious situations.

And made sure this young man knew how to push a gurney like a champ.

But soon it was time for Bill to reveal himself, to thunderous applause.

Ahh Bill — you always know how to save the day.