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Beyoncé Posted A New Photo Shoot Saturday Night Like The Sneaky Queen She Is

Dem babies.

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You know Beyoncé, right? Like, even if you've never heard a single one of her songs, seen her in any movies, or sprayed her fragrance on your wrist, you've probably heard her name before.

Frank Micelotta / Parkwood Entertainment / Getty Images

Earlier this year, Beyoncé announced that she was expecting twins.

She and Jay Z are already parents to daughter Blue Ivy.

And she's been rocking the pregnancy glam look ever since.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

On Saturday night, while you were partying/watching TV/sleeping/at an Insane Clown Posse convention, Bey posted a slideshow and some photos on the 'gram.

She doesn't post often so when she does, it's an international event.

She started out with this v psychedelic slideshow of her looking glam in a blue dress (hint?) with some gorgeous purple and blue (double hint??) accessories:

Look — there's Jay Z! Look — there's Blue Ivy!

Then, in case we wanted to see close-ups without groovy music in the background, Bey was nice enough to post multiple photos:

Instagram: @beyonce

Bey wouldn't be doing her job without causing a lil' discussion — commenters have already been wondering if the purple and blue represent a boy and girl or if the gemstones represent birthstones for due dates.

We also received a series of photos that showed more of her #OOTD:

Instagram: @beyonce

I don't really understand all the fake flowers added in but she's Beyoncé and can pretty much do anything.


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