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    It's Time To Find Out If You're Alexa Chung

    Are you too cool for school?

    1. Are you Alexa Chung?

    2. Do you happen to be really cool?

    3. Like, "OMG she's too cool for school" kind of cool?

    4. Are you considered a style icon?

    5. And does whatever you wear make you look chic AF?

    6. Can you pull off WHATEVER LOOK YOU FREAKIN' WANT?

    7. Are people obsessed with your bangs?

    8. Like, would people be able to bring a photo of you into their hair salon and say, "I want the Alexa," and the hairdresser would be like, "Of course"?

    9. Do people look to you for makeup inspo?

    10. Because you do this thing with your makeup and it's so awesome?

    11. Do people love your style and beauty so much that they would purchase a book written by you?

    12. Do you happen to book the covers of magazines?

    13. A lot?

    14. A lot a lot?

    15. Do you get to sit front row at Fashion Week?

    16. And meet other famous peeps while doing so?

    17. After the show do hundreds of people try and take a photo of you?

    18. Were you once in a Holly Valance video?

    19. Do you vacation as if you're Jackie O?

    20. Is this what you look like when you work out?

    21. Is this you casually sitting on a ledge?

    22. Is this you gracing this coffee cup with your lips?

    23. Is this you taking a selfie like, "LOL this camera is so lucky to be capturing my face right now"?

    24. Is this you being all, "The world is MINE, I tell ya! MINEEEEEE"?

    25. And is this you smiling because you're Alexa Chung?

    If you answered yes, then congrats! You're Alexa Chung.

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