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    Posted on Apr 2, 2017

    It Kinda Looks Like Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna Are Back Together

    Here we go again.

    ICYMI: Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have been in an up-and-down, in-and-out, all-directions-everywhere relationship for the past year and change.

    Greg Doherty / Getty Images

    It's been quite dramatic. The two started dating, got engaged, and welcomed their beautiful daughter Dream all last year.

    As we saw on their reality show, Rob and Chyna, the two have had quite the tumultuous relationship. And for a second, we thought maybe things might be over.

    But because the Kardashians are the messy drama gift that keeps on giving, Chyna recently posted some videos on Snapchat of her and Rob CANOODLING:

    And KISSING:


    IDK, they seem pretty chummy to me.

    1. What do you think? Are Rob and Chyna back together?

      Greg Doherty / Getty Images
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    What do you think? Are Rob and Chyna back together?
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