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    We Played Never Have I Ever With The Cast Of "Almost Christmas" And It Got Real

    One word: Mo'Nique.

    Fact: The Almost Christmas cast is filled with some funny AF people.

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    So we decided to play a holiday-themed round of Never Have I Ever with Gabrielle Union, Omar Epps, Danny Glover, and Mo'nique. Here were the hilarious results:

    Never have I ever...

    Taken a bite of mac and cheese before it was put on the table.


    Gabrielle: I've absolutely taken a bite of mac and cheese before it's put on the table. I've taken a whole serving of mac and cheese.

    Omar: I've done that before and learned that sometimes you've got to let it cool down and [let] it all—

    Gabrielle: Congeal!


    Mo'Nique: What? You got to taste that before you put it on the table baby. You gotta make sure the cheese is melted just just right. You're not a good cook asking that question. Tell 'em.

    Danny: You want someone to tell you, "Get away from that, it'll be on the table soon enough!"

    Returned a gift after pretending you liked it.


    Gabrielle: I mean, what are we doing? You want me to be happy — I think that's the goal at the end of the day. You want me to be happy so if I'm not happy with the gift, Imma return it.

    Omar: Did you mean return it to the person?

    Gabrielle: No!

    Omar: Oh, you mean return—

    Gabrielle: Yes. Use your money for what I want.

    Omar: Yeah, I'm guilty of it.


    Mo'Nique: No, I've never returned a gift. I've never done that. I may have given it back [to the person] but I didn't take it back to the store.

    Gotten drunk at Christmas.


    Omar: Isn't that what it's for?

    Gabrielle: This is why baby Jesus was born.


    Mo'Nique: Look...

    Forgotten to get a gift for someone.


    Omar: Oh yes, that's happened. But see the thing is, you have your family, your extended family, and then you have your business family. It's just there's so many layers that sometimes it slips, and that's when you gotta throw in a quick little Amazon gift card. "Ooh, I can send now."

    Gabrielle: "Oh, it didn't arrive yet? Oh, I got it online so I didn't want you to have to carry it home from the party. It'll be there when you get home."


    Danny: Never have I ever what?

    BuzzFeed: Forgotten to give a gift.

    Danny: Oh, shoot.

    Mo'Nique: That's why I'm looking at you like, for real?

    Tried to talk your way out of church.


    Omar: I'm gonna go halfway on this one.

    Gabrielle: What does that even mean?

    Omar: This has never been done before — it's like between "totally" and "never."


    Danny: Don't answer the phone.

    Mo'Nique: Don't even answer the phone!

    Taken a to-go plate without bringing any food.


    Gabrielle: I mean, what are you gonna do with it?

    Omar: Yeah, I've done that too.


    Mo'Nique: Big girls know better. That's all I'm gonna say about that one.

    Avoided a certain family members dish.


    Gabrielle: Diabetes greens! My mom got diabetes and suddenly the greens don't taste right. So she'd have to make the diabetes greens and then the real greens.

    Omar: Don't make fun of her. You keep making them greens, don't let her discourage you! You need to eat healthy, now.


    Mo'Nique: My Uncle Kenny's chitlings. Baby, let me tell you something. As a little girl, you don't know what that is. Then you find out and you think he was trying to murder you.

    Been afraid to bring an S.O. home for the holidays because my family is crazy and/or too nosey.


    Gabrielle: I was once dating a Greek-Mexican beauty school drop-out and [he said], "I love this spinach!" It's not...never mind.

    Omar: Did you say Greek-Mexican?

    Gabrielle: Yeah.

    Omar: No, never. Not for me. You know they can't get to meet moms. That's like a whole other [thing].


    Mo'Nique: Listen, baby. Never. This is he, and that's what it is.

    Avoided a certain relative at the function because you knew they were going to ask to borrow some money.


    Omar: Self-explanatory!


    Mo'Nique: My [Aunt] Tina. When Tina comes in the room, you're like, "No, no, I'm not here." Tina gonna ask for it. All of it. You know, one time she asked me for a Cadillac. Why don't you ask me for gas money, how are you gonna ask me for a whole car. Not the gas, not the maintenance, not the oil change — the whole car!

    Danny: What about the ones, "Man, I ain't got no gas to get home." Well, you had enough gas to get here!

    Mo'Nique: I guess you're spending the night.

    Danny: Shoot.

    Left Christmas without stacks of leftovers.


    Gabrielle: If it wasn't that good.

    Omar: Yeah.


    Mo'Nique: No, you must take leftovers. It don't taste good until the next day, you've got to let those seasonings seep in there.

    Danny: I always take them home.

    Mo'Nique: Even when you're full, you still take a plate and black families? You better take a plate or you'll make your mama think her food wasn't good.

    Danny: And I still got that tupperware.

    Mo'Nique: Yes. See I wrap mine in 'luminum foil 'cause you ain't gonna take my mother's tupperware. No indeed, baby. She won it at the bingo, that was special tupperware. 'Luminum foil — not aluminum — 'luminum. That's that heavy duty foil you get from the dollar store. It'll cook that food right up if you put it out in the sun.

    Been the family member that gets too competitive during spades.


    Omar: Well, let me preface this. I'm probably one of the only black people on earth that doesn't play spades.

    Gabrielle: I think he's out of the NAACP now. I think you're no longer nominated.

    Omar: I know how to play, I just don't play. But when you said, "competitive," you know I'm ultra competitive. And if you wanna play spades, I'll whoop your ass.


    Mo'Nique: I am always that. I am going to win, baby. I am going to win! I feel bad when it's over, I do — but i'll win.

    Almost Christmas is in theaters Friday, November 11!

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