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    Posted on Apr 23, 2017

    22 Gorgeous Photos Of Gigi Hadid In Honor Of Her Birthday

    Supermodels, they're just like us — only with more money and fame.

    1. The "Oh, just chilling here in my bathrobe" look.

    2. The "My boyfriend happens to be super hot and famous" look.

    3. The "I show up to awards shows looking like royalty" look.

    4. The "My casual wear is better than most people's club attire" look.

    5. The "I can always find my perfect angle" look.

    6. The "I run errands but am also a supermodel" look.

    7. The "Just taking a casual vacation" look.

    8. The "I'm part bionic woman, part supermodel" look.

    9. The "Wait, everyone doesn't take private jets?" look.

    10. The "I need a nap while surrounded by my monogram" look.

    11. The "I am rocking the fuck out of this dress" look.

    12. The "Lemme look like a star at the airport" look.

    13. The "My sister and I happen to both be supermodels" look.

    14. The "I'm just casually fixing my hair" look.

    15. The "Oh, you're taking a photo of me?" look.

    16. The "I happen to be the face of a major cosmetics company" look.

    17. The "Have you heard of my best friend? Her name is Kendall Jenner" look.

    18. The "OMG, that's so funny" look.

    19. The "Time for bed" look.

    20. The "I'm a boat, bitch" look.

    21. The "I'm ready for a freakin' gala" look.

    22. And the "Bye bitches, I'm a supermodel" look.

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