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10 Ways Kids Are The Worst

How did our parents ever do this?

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10. They take all of your money.


Oh, you want a new toy? You want to try those new snacks? This outfit will look so cute on you!

9. They are the pickiest of eaters.


Try this meal that I spent hours cooking for you.

8. They could not care less about cleanliness.


It will take years to clean this up.

7. They will continually be the reason you are late.


We were supposed to be there an hour ago! Where are your shoes??

6. They will ruin what is important to you.


This almost never happens.

*happens all of the time

5. They have no sense of personal space.


Thank you for finishing my look with a spray of your mucus.

4. They can be the ultimate drama queens.


Why are you the way that you are?

-thinks every parent at least twice a day.

3. They can be selfish.


I have to share with you, but when it's your turn all of the rules go out of the window.

2. They do not realize the importance of sleep.


The night time is their time.

1. They will steal your love from the moment you meet them.


We wouldn't have it any other way.

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