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8 Simplest Steps To Promote A Good Oral Health

We all know that flossing, brushing and rinsing are the cornerstones of oral health, but they’re just the start.

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When it comes to a healthy mouth, it’s takes quite a bit more than simply squeezing paste out of a tube. Think about improving your diet, ditching the daily soda habits, quitting cigarettes along with improved tooth brushing techniques.

1. Be soda aware

It’s an undeniable fact that most of our family gatherings or friendly get together come loaded with carbonated, sugary beverages. Unfortunately, sodas are really bad for our teeth. The combination of high sugar content and carbonation work quickly to wear down enamel (your teeth’s outer coating) and start eroding our pearly whites. Instead of soda opt for seltzer water or chilled still water with a hint of cucumber and lime. If you just can’t give up the fizzy liquid sugar, use a straw as it will help to prevent the sugar and carbonation from touching your teeth.

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2. Have more vegetables

Try to replace brownies, cookies and all the other yummy sugary snacks with vegetables. Carrots, and broccoli are perfect for helping to keep your teeth healthy as they are packed with Vitamin A, which is known to be helpful in protecting your enamel.

3. Munch on cheese

If you have a glass of wine or beer with dinner, make sure to serve the cheese board afterwards. In addition to cheese being a low sugar dessert, cheese also contains calcium which is necessary to keep your teeth healthy, and its pH balance helps to neutralize the effect of acid caused by the alcoholic beverages you’ve just drunk.

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4. Fill up on fruit

Although fruit does contain a form of sugar (fructose) it’s still way better eat fruit than sugary desserts. If you’re going to throw a party or host a big dinner, choose just one dessert to serve instead of offering a range of pies and cakes.

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5. Deep cleaning is a must

Keep in mind that an optimal teeth brushing session should last at least 2 minutes in order to thoroughly clean your gums and teeth. Don’t forget to brush your tongue to kill the germs properly.

6. Use the right toothbrush

A great, pearly white smile will capture a man’s attention and hypnotize a woman’s heart. It helps us land better jobs, feel more confident and appear more successful and educated. If you want brighter teeth and healthier gums, it’s important to get the right toothbrush such as an Oral-B brush (with replacement heads) and to change it every 3 months. You can also use Pearly Whites Whitening Kits.

7. Keep it clean

It’s essential that you remember to properly wash your hands before flossing your teeth or handling your toothbrush. If you think the local water is unhealthy, and it’s not good for oral health, then you can use mineral or bottled water instead.

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8. Try treats for your teeth

Are you unable to brush your teeth after every meal because of your busy schedule? You probably need some tooth treats to keep your mouth clean such as sugarless gums sweetened with Xylitol that will help to stimulate the saliva flow and cleanse your teeth. Any little bits of food and bacteria will also stick to the gum instead of your teeth. You can also suck sugarless candies with green tea extracts to protect your teeth or just drink green tea. Researchers have found that green tea is helpful in destroying the bacteria that cause cavities.

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