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    Smart And Automated Crypto Trading

    Cryptocurrency trading isn’t something you do on a speculative basis. With so many factors relying on market volatility, you need to hone the art of trading on a daily basis. This is where trading bots come into the picture. Trading bots use pre-programmed software that analyzes market actions, which includes volume, orders, price, and time. They are rather common in the global stock exchanges and cryptocurrency ecosystem because very few traders have time to stare at the charts all day.

    With many people entering in the crypto trading, multiple companies have developed trading software platforms to ease a trader’s life. However, the question arises which one of these should you go with. Recently, one such platform that's been making waves in the industry is TradeSanta.

    "Easy yet Powerful"

    This cloud-based software, designed to automate cryptocurrency trading strategy enables its users to take advantage of market fluctuations. Since it's launch back in November 2018, the company has grown its user-base exponentially. Its user-friendly interface has successfully allowed newcomers to figure out their way towards trading. All the while attracting the attention of experienced traders as well. Empowering traders with unique features, TradeSanta has emerged among the most adaptable and advanced trading bot.

    A feature that stands out the most is being able to make a profit even in cases where the market goes in a direction against your expectations. Santa trading bot places Extra Order to buy or sell more coins at the current price accordingly thereby taking profits with smaller price change in the future.

    Talking about technical indicators, they don't disappoint either. From a range of indicators like volume filter, daily filter, Bollinger filter, these ensure that the bot enters into the market during optical moments. The option of choosing all three at the same time provides easiness in managing strategies and time. Many traders have attributed Extra Order feature being beneficial in their success stories.

    Smart Order: Adding a feather to the Cap

    Allowing users to sell big volumes of crypto is the latest feature added by the company. This feature named Smart Order integrates TWAP and VWAP features allowing holders of large sums to trade their assets with nearly no impact on the market. It is thoroughly designed to sell a specified amount of crypto at a certain price level, within a period of time (TWAP) or as a percentage of total trading volume (VWAP). The trader will just have to choose a pair that needs to be traded and specify the amount. The bot itself will take care of all technical aspects. This feature, currently on alpha testing, is not yet available for everyone to use. Although it can be requested by users to try it.

    Augmenting the Brand

    A brand is the representation of the product and the company. So it's only natural that TradeSanta is working with top cryptocurrency exchanges. So far TradeSanta bot is supported by Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Hitbtc. And soon will be compatible with Bitmex, Okex, and Huobi as well.

    4000+ trading bots created by users are active and more than 230k deals have been completed successfully. The team is active on its telegram group and live chat service to support the users all the time.

    Past several months have seen TradeSanta expanding their team with new members coming in bringing years of experience with them. Be ready for new features and indicators that will be announced very soon by the platform.