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10 Moments That Will Make You Feel Like A Fearless Girl

“Fearless Girl”, a statue created by sculptor Kristen Visbal, has been making headlines for several weeks since it was erected in honor of National Women’s Day in March. The statue is stationed in Blowling Green, a small park near the financial firm State Street Global Advisors on Wall Street, New York. The statue is in place to inspire young girls to take on big challenges that they may be discouraged from, such as taking on the financial world. The statue was planned to be a temporary installment but it has recently been announced that the Fearless Girl will stand her ground until 2018. In honor of the Fearless Girl, which inspires us all, here are 10 simple moments that will make you feel like a Fearless Girl.

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10. Slaying Your Makeup

Whether it’s a full face of makeup, no makeup at all, or a simple natural look do what makes you happy and work it like you never have before. Anyone that does not like what you’re flaunting shouldn’t care anyway. Be fearless with your winged eyeliner, bare face and anything in between.

9. Buying That Outfit

The fashion world has strict guides for who can wear what. It’s a fact that the more risks you take, the more confident you will feel. Take a chance and buy that short dress or polka-dot bikini! You have nothing to be afraid of!

8. Expressing Yourself


Have you ever been put down for your fashion choice, your loud laugh or your quirky hobbies? Do it anyway! Those that don’t support what makes you happy don’t deserve a place in your life.

7. Sharing Your Opinion


People in this world want to silent anyone that doesn’t agree with them. If the setting allows for it, don’t be afraid to share your opinions because they are valid and matter. You've got to fight for what is right, even if you're just a small voice in the crowd.

6. Applying For That Job


Of course there are people in the world that tell us we “can’t” or we “shouldn’t”. Especially, when it comes to the workplace. Coworkers, family and even friends may discourage you from applying to your dream job based on factors that don't really matter. If you think you can do it, though, then you can! Get your grown up pants on, apply for the job and give your best!

5. Asking For That Promotion


Bullies in the workforce and a stigma of the pay gap prevent us from asking for promotions or raises. If you’re good at what you do, then insist on what you deserve! Walking into the bosses office with a stance of confidence and determination will get you a promotion a lot faster than waiting for the best.

4. Ending That Relationship


Too many people find themselves stuck in an abusive or unfulfilling relationship. Family and social expectations keep us where we aren’t satisfied. Pull the breaks on that nonsense and your unhappiness! If it isn’t what you want, call it quits. Focus on yourself and finding true happiness.

3. Accomplishing Your Goals


No matter the size of the goal, if you stand your ground you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Even doing household chores can take some serious motivation but once you succeed, you will feel indestructible!

2. Encouraging Others


Everyone around you needs a positive message from time to time. Complimenting, encouraging and supporting others is a major step forward. If you make others feel good, you'll feel good!

1. Standing Up For Yourself


Often we take negative comments or attacks with a light heart and a positive outlook. Everyone has had that moment where they just didn’t stand down, though! From an abusive relationship to a rude encounter, moments of self-defense make us feel powerful and fearless! Take a note from the Fearless Girl herself by standing your ground and never backing down!

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