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10 Things You Do Not Need Internet For

Waiting on your internet to be installed? Does your internet suck and go down all the time? Do you just want to disconnect for a while? Moving from downtown living to rural America has its challenges, one being the inaccessibility to internet. After numerous phone calls, turn downs, let downs, and a mental breakdowns satellite internet can be installed in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! That is 14 days of figuring out what do do without Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Streaming, Googling, etc. Here are 10 things you can do to pass the time without internet.

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1. Read

Do you have a stack of books you have been meaning to read but haven't gotten around to it? This is the time to do it! You are free from the numerous distractions the internet gives you so take the time to knock out some of that summer reading you have been pushing off.

2. Write

This can be anything from writing your friends and family letters, writing an article for publish, or writing in a personal journal that isn't seen by anyone. Writing is a great way to get your thoughts onto paper, organize your life, or de-stress. Why do you think I wrote this article?

3. Watch Movies

One great thing about the DVD era is the ability to watch them without being connected to the internet. Another positive is that you can get a handful of DVDs at Walmart for $5 or less. Do you have some home movies that have collected dust the last 10 years? Pull them out and get lost in 2002 Christmas with your grandparents or 2007 Thanksgiving when you ate way too much turkey.

4. Organize

Do you have drawers and drawers of random junk? Does your makeup need to get organized? Are your shoes everywhere in the house? Take this time and organize your house, not only will this benefit your house, but you will fill more relaxed and prepared since you will know where everything is at. The Wall Street Journal reports that the average U.S. executive wastes six weeks annually searching for important documents lost in clutter. Now you have the time to prevent wasting your life away looking for documents, shoes, clothes, etc.

5. Decorate

Have you been meaning to hang new tapestries in the kitchen? Have you been wanting to add a bookshelf to your office? Turn your home into a Pintrest worthy creation by finally taking the time to add the extra details around the house.

6. Cook

Never have time to cook during the week? Use your "internet downtime" to start meal prepping for the week. Not only will this save you money, but it will benefit your health, and save you time. Instead of running out for fast food for lunch or dinner you can prep a wholesome, healthy meal for your lunches and dinners. Is there a recipe you have been wanting to try but just haven't had the motivation or the time? Well, here is your chance. Take advantage of your temporary internet free life and try to learn a new "go to" snack, potluck dish, or Thanksgiving treat.

7. Exercise

Use that at home gym equipment you never use, or go to the gym that you pay for but never utilitize. Not only will this help you get out of the house, but it will get your endorphins going and increase your mood about the non-internet situation you are temporarily in. Make a goal of being able to run a mile straight by the time the internet is installed or loose two pounds. Make the internet installment date as a goal date to achieve a short term fitness goal.

8. Explore

Use this time to go to all the places you have been wanting to but haven't "had time" to yet because you get sucked into Netflix on the weekends and Facebook during the week.

9. Treat Yourself

Paint your nails, give yourself an at home facial, learn some new ways to do your makeup and hair. There are a lot of at-home spa treatments that you can do while your waiting to be reconnected with the internet world. Enjoy your "downtime" and reinvest it in yourself.

10. Catch Up

Most days when you are busy catching up on emails, checking social media, trying to plan your next post, and keeping up with everyones social agenda we forget to take the five minutes to call our grandma, call our siblings, call our friends just to catch up. Use this time to make the phone calls you normally wouldn't make on a daily basis to catch up with your friends and family. Call your friends to plan a weekend away, or call your grandma to get that cake recipe you have been wanting to try.

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