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    13 Family Customs People Thought Were Completely Normal Until They Grew Up And Realized They're Actually Very, Very Weird

    You mean your parents didn't tax your allowance money?!

    In just about every family, there's at least one tradition or custom that might seem a little weird to everyone else, but totally normal to them. Don't believe me? See: poop knives.

    TikTok user @rachel.devin19 decided it was time to uncover everyone's family weirdness, and asked, "what's the weirdest thing your family did until you grew up and realized, it was just ya'll?" She then went on to share her own story about how her family exclusively called Parmesan cheese "BOP," to the point that she believed that's what it was actually called.

    People quickly rushed to the comments to share the weird family custom they simply accepted as normal. Some were super wholesome...

    ...and others were actually pretty damn practical.

    And not too long after that, people started sharing their own stories of how they realized their families were weird as hell. This person was surprised to learn it's not the norm for parents to walk around in the nude all day:


    #stitch with @rachel.devin19 I realize now it was probably not okay that this happened #nudist #weirdfamily #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Leighlee

    This person wasn't surprised by taxes as an adult because her parents had taxed her allowance her entire life:


    #stitch with @rachel.devin19 “Weird”, yet super smart thing my parents did. #tips #money #parenting #smart #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Sami

    This person received their allowance in checks so their parents never had to pay any actual money.


    #stitch with @rachel.devin19 this story makes me laugh and makes me sad at the same time 💀😭😂 #weirdfamilycheck #childhoodstory #myinlaws

    ♬ original sound - Rachel Pedersen

    This person's family had a special "call of the wild" in case they got separated:

    This family, on the other hand, had a special whistle:


    #stitch with @rachel.devin19 explains why i hate jagermeister & licorice. #yuck #weirdfamily #watchmegrow

    ♬ original sound - Meaghan Elisabeth

    This person's family fined you if you missed curfew:


    #stitch with @rachel.devin19 what was your punishment if you missed curfew? my dad fined me #fyp #weirdfamilycheck

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    This person didn't realize his family had taught him an extra verse of the "Happy Birthday" song:


    #stitch with @rachel.devin19 who doesn't have special birthday lyrics? #fyp #weirdfamily #birthday

    ♬ original sound - Justin Mousseau

    This person wasn't allowed to leave the house until she'd had her "final pee":

    This person made sure to set some Halloween candy aside every year for "The Great Pumpkin":


    #stitch with @rachel.devin19 kinda like Santa and the tooth fairy. #family #weirdfamily #tradition

    ♬ original sound - Katie

    This person's family had a super unconventional (and a little disturbing???) Christmas countdown:

    This person's family referred to the TV remote as a "dingfied":

    And this person was aghast to learn that not every family has a potato drawer:


    #stitch with @rachel.devin19 y’all didn’t have a potato drawer? Dafuq? #foreignparents #potatodrawer #weirdfamily #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Ginagurl1

    I guess it goes without saying that every fam is a little different, am I right?

    What's something your family does that you didn't think was weird until much, much later? Share it in the comments below!