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This Woman Is Going Viral For Re-Creating Pinterest Outfits And Showing The Annoying Double Standard That Comes With Fashion Trends On Different Body Types

"I'm missing the key accessory that makes these outfits so desirable and perfect to society."

Brooklyn Allen is a 23-year-old part-time retail worker and part-time social media aficionado who loves sharing fashion inspiration with her followers on TikTok.

She recently went viral for re-creating popular "Pinterest" outfits, and it's illuminating the annoying double standard for fashion trends on different body types:

The TikTok currently has over 1 million views, and it's part of a series Brooklyn has been sharing for the last month.

In the TikTok, Brooklyn explains, "I'm missing the key accessory that makes these outfits so desirable and perfect to society, and that is a flat stomach."

Brooklyn told BuzzFeed she was inspired to begin re-creating Pinterest looks after seeing a number of thin women participate in the trend on TikTok. "I'm sure I wasn’t the first plus-size person to do it, but I felt like with my specific body type and size, I could help a lot of my followers understand that they can wear anything they want and look great doing it! I chose Pinterest outfits specifically because it was already a trend, and I noticed that Pinterest is a platform where you generally only see the beauty standard body type being represented in fashion."

"When I refer to a flat stomach as an accessory, I am in no way being mean or bitter! I’m completely okay with thin women using what they have, but I just want people to understand that it’s not the same for fat women. Our fat stomachs are systemically considered an imperfection, while a thin stomach is something that society would see as an elevation to an outfit. Fat women don’t have the privilege of accessorizing with their fat stomachs unless we want stares and rude comments."

Brooklyn's TikToks highlight a huge double standard when it comes to fashion trends that "have to do greatly with systemic fatphobia. I don’t like the word 'flattering' anymore, because I’ve noticed that what's considered 'flattering' on fat women is clothing that hides our bodies. Fat women have been ridiculed for ages for wearing crop tops, short skirts/shorts, and just anything that shows skin. Whereas skinny women are celebrated in these items because it shows off their thin bodies — which there's nothing wrong with, it would just be nice to not be treated differently as a fat woman."

When asked what she feels TikTok has done for the body positivity movement, Brooklyn responded, "TikTok has done a lot of good and a lot of bad for the body positivity movement! On the good side of things, I have met some of the most loving, accepting people that I now consider friends. And on top of that, I have such an amazing following that truly gets me and relates to me!"

"On the other hand, I think TikTok has pushed a lot of women who would barely be classified as mid-size to the forefront of the movement, which isn’t what the movement was made for. Of course, everyone can be body positive, but I think it’s important for smaller-bodied creators to advocate for the women who are on the larger side of the spectrum and push for their representation."

"I hope that people take away the idea that all bodies should have access to fashion. I really just want my plus-size women to understand that we can wear whatever we want, and for the thin women following me to understand where I’m coming from, that I am never personally attacking them, and for them to understand their privilege and use that to advocate for plus-size women."

Personally? I think Brooklyn looks amazing in every single outfit, and I love that she's highlighting something that isn't being talked about enough in the fashion industry! You can follow her on TikTok and Instagram to see even more of her Pinterest series along with the rest of her fashion content.