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    I Tried The Viral Hydro Flask TikTok Hack So All You VSCO Girls Don't Have To

    VSCO girls everywhere are shaking.

    Hi, I'm Shelby, and I LOVE my Hydro Flask and Hydro Flask straw lid.

    But one of my main complaints about the straw lid has always been how difficult it is to clean. I'm really outing myself here, but with all the nooks and crannies, it's virtually impossible to get everything with a regular sponge or scrubber, especially in the narrow spaces where the straw connects to the rest of the lid.

    So imagine my utter SHOCK and AWE when I came across this TikTok posted by user @kayla.delfin documenting HER shock and awe at the fact that you can actually detach the straw to clean it?!?!


    ##duet with @agwaldo my LEGIT reaction i didn’t think would be able to do it omg it’s also not dirty so that makes me happy ##fyp ##foryou ##xyzbca

    ♬ original sound - agwaldo

    It was dueted with this TikTok by user @agwaldo, who originally made the discovery.

    However, the comments had, shall we say, mixed reviews. Some said it works, and others said doing this breaks the lids.

    I was super curious to see if this would actually work, but was also terrified of breaking my precious Hydro, so I did some more digging and found this follow-up TikTok posted by @agwaldo explaining how to reattach the straw.


    here’s how you put the little straw thingy back in y’all 🤠

    ♬ original sound - agwaldo

    I also had an extra straw lid on hand in case things went awry, so I decided to take the risk and try it — for science! I assumed the position and the straw lid popped right off!!! And man, it was lookin' nasty.

    I gave the straw a nice scrub with soap and water, and also washed and rinsed the rest of the lid for good measure.

    Using the second TikTok as a guide, I popped it back in at the proper angle and was surprised that I actually could drink out of it again! BUT the straw did feel much looser, and I had to press down on the straw in order to get proper suction.

    So, yeah, there you have it! IMO, this hack both does and does not work, depending on how you feel about the caveats. Nobody said the VSCO life would be easy. Stay hydrated, friends.