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    This Scene In "High School Musical" Has People Going Nuts, And Honestly, Same

    Did she see her though???

    We all know that High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece, but TikTok user @ReggieCreations recently pointed out something about one of the scenes that I can't believe I never noticed before. Behold:

    The scene in question is the one where Gabriella doesn't want Sharpay to catch her rehearsing in the bathroom. Sharpay comes in, feeling suspicious.


    She karate kicks a stall and sees nothing...


    ...catches a quick glimpse of herself in the mirror...


    ...and then struts off, clearly not finding Garbriella.


    But then, it's revealed that Gabriella was hiding BEHIND THE WALL THAT SHARPAY JUST PASSED???? In plain sight?????


    Also, Sharpay straight up LOOKS at the area when she first enters the bathroom.


    So HOW could Sharpay not have seen her??? I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure this defies a few laws of physics.

    Rede Globo

    Or who knows, maybe Gabriella did in fact use the Invisibility Cloak like the TikTok says, which would mean Harry Potter and HSM exist in the same cinematic universe. Honestly, I wouldn't even be mad.

    Warner Bros/@ReggieCreations

    Watch it one more time in all of its hilarity and ???? below:

    Do you think Sharpay could have actually, physically missed Gabriella? Sound off in the comments.

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