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    This Company Is Selling Snacks That Are Literally Just Fried Chicken Skin

    Eat the whole chicken? In THIS economy???

    Yes hi hello. I have a very important question for you. Have you ever been eating a piece of chicken like this:

    And been like, "Wow, this is really good and all but it could use a lot less chicken and a little more skin"?

    Well you're in luck because Chick N' Skin, a food stand that specializes in selling ONLY fried chicken skin, actually exists.

    Chick N' Skin, which launched in 2017, is based in Southern California and operates at the 626 Night Market in Los Angeles, as well as other festivals and events throughout the area.

    Their website describes the chicken skins as "lightweight, healthier snacks" with "that crunch you crave" but without the crash associated with other greasy snacks like potato chips.

    And they only have about 1 carb per serving.

    Chick N' Strips also emphasizes their commitment to reducing environmental impact, claiming their skins allow for the whole chicken to be used, thus creating less waste.

    I, for one, am slightly horrified but also a little intrigued.

    Would you eat a bucket of seasoned chicken skin and literally nothing else? Let us know in the comments below!