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    Sex Workers Are Sharing The Wildest Things They've Done While On The Clock, And They Deserve All The Respect In The World

    Sex work is real work, period.

    Earlier this year, we wrote up a viral Reddit thread that asked sex workers to share their wildest and strangest stories from on the job. And, because sex work is real work, it inspired even more stories from the BuzzFeed Community. Here's what they had to say:

    Note: This post is in no way meant to kink-shame. Kink-shaming is 100% not welcome/not OK, and when a sex act is safe and between two consenting adults, there's no need for scrutiny.

    Not all responses are from the BuzzFeed Community.

    1. "I used to be a sex worker, and I had a customer who would come to the club and pay me to spit in his face during lap dances. When I saw him outside of the club, he would pay me to pee in a cup. I never found out what he did with it, and I don't want to know. The same goes for the one time he paid me for a bag of my poop."

    2. "The weirdest ones were when I dressed up as a dog, was kept in a dog crate, and drank Prosecco out of a rabbit bottle, and the time I got to slap, punch, and beat the crap out of someone's dick and balls. Both were fun. I have way more stories, but those stand out."


    3. "My sister’s ex used to be a sex worker. Some of the stories we heard from him were genuinely sad. A lot of people yearn for love and quality time. But the funniest/weirdest experience he had was when a regular client paid him to stick her favorite pen up his butt, so she could write a poem about him with that pen."


    4. "I'm a male sex worker and cater to both men and women. There are a lot of things that happen during my sessions, but the strangest one overall was a woman who asked to set up a couple's massage, and told me that her husband loves to be tied up. I just assumed she wanted to tie him up, and then have sex with me while he was forced to watch, but her fantasy was for me to beat him up while she worked on herself. That was definitely a no-go for me, but a very odd request."


    5. "I had a friend who did phone sex back in the '90s. She said a guy would call once a week and ask her to pretend he was a meatloaf. He would finish when the 'timer on the oven' went off."

    6. "I know someone who was paid to throw oranges at a naked man in a bathtub every Tuesday. Only oranges were allowed."


    7. "My ex is a mobile stripper. And older guy paid her to stomp on his balls with the peg part of her heels. He finished. She also got paid to sit in a truck and eat green beans. The dude was a farmer and had to suddenly tend to something on the farm. I guess he just didn't want to pay the cancellation fee."


    8. "A girl I knew was paid to do a ballet sequence in nude to 'Clair de Lune' for a client once per month. That was all he wanted from her. She didn't say how long it lasted, but it was her favorite part of the job."

    9. "I owned a strip club for many years and saw many things, but this one really threw me: A man had a dancer pee in a Mason jar, and he drank it for $400."


    10. "I have a friend who is an ex-escort. She told me that her favorite client was a really sweet older gentleman who just wanted her naked in the hot tub with him. He never touched her, just talked and looked at her."


    11. "I knew a lady who told me that she had a regular client who liked to be a throw rug. She said he would basically just lie on the floor with a rock-hard boner for an hour while she did housework around him. Every once in while she would gently step on him with her heels. The same lady said another client and her would get naked and pop balloons between their bodies."


    12. "I used to be a dom, and my favorite client just wanted me to apply whatever lipstick he picked out and read to him. Sometimes he wanted me to change the lipstick halfway through, but it was the easiest gig."

    13. "I got paid to send a voicemail and a bunch of texts acting like I was a guy's girlfriend. He was in the closet, and wanted to convince his parents he had a girlfriend."


    14. "My ex-girlfriend had this one client pay $400 to go down on her. She was confused because he got nothing out of it, all her pleasure."


    15. And finally, "I had a client that wanted me to give him a prostrate exam while I punched him in the balls and masturbated. I got paid amazing, and got rid of some stress."

    OK, now let's change it up: Tell us the most WHOLESOME stories you have from your time in sex work. Your responses may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.