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    16 Roommates Who Need A Crash Course In How To Live With Other People

    Living alone is such a privilege.

    1. This roommate who probably didn't even offer to replace the TV:

    My roommate tried to breakdance in our living room while drunk and broke my new TV.... from Wellthatsucks

    2. These roommates who I'm guessing haven't opened the fridge in months (or years???):

    Love having roommates... from Wellthatsucks

    3. This roommate who couldn't be bothered to take the two seconds to wipe down the sink:

    My roommate made a mess a few hours before the inspector came by to check on everyone. from Wellthatsucks

    4. This roommate who probably doesn't vacuum all that often:

    My roommate didn’t close the dust chamber when he vacuumed his room and I just vacuumed the whole apartment. from Wellthatsucks

    5. This roommate who just couldn't keep their hands to themself:

    Came home from work and found my roommate swiped a finger through my wet painting. from Wellthatsucks

    6. This roommate who definitely didn't get their security deposit back:

    How my ex roommate left her bathroom after moving out from trashy

    7. These roommates who have probably never touched a sponge in their lives:

    How my roommates leave the stove. from trashy

    8. This roommate who could easily...just...wash all the dirty dishes:

    “It’s so convenient to just clean them when you need them” - My Roommate... from mildlyinfuriating

    9. This roommate who woke up and chose chaos:

    My roommate is a monster. from mildlyinfuriating

    10. This new roommate who simply couldn't be bothered:

    My roommate has hit new peaks of laziness from mildlyinfuriating

    11. This roommate who reached a new level of petty:

    Roommate left 3 jellybeans in the Costco jar in the pantry from mildlyinfuriating

    12. This roommate who did their little project and then said, "I'm done":

    "Yes, I'm done with the saw." -My roommate from mildlyinfuriating

    13. This roommate who "doesn't watch TV":

    But I don’t watch TV... from facepalm

    14. This roommate who really went above and beyond:

    When my new roommate "washed" pots. from mildlyinfuriating

    15. This roommate who...I actually have no words:

    My roommate's smoking section... from trashy

    16. And finally, this roommate who literally put someone's life at risk during a global pandemic:

    Telling your at risk roommate you don’t care about her life from trashy

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