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    17 Restaurants That Are So Clever, They Honestly Put All Other Establishments To Shame

    How can I make a reservation?

    1. This restaurant lets you charge your phone with the power of the SUN:

    2. This restaurant fully acknowledges that there are people out there who don't always wash their hands (and found a solution!):

    3. This restaurant offers two kinds of soap in its bathroom so your food doesn't end up tasting like flowers and pine needles:

    4. This restaurant didn't let a super-steep hill stop it from transitioning to outdoor dining:

    5. This restaurant understands the assignment when it comes to dining out during a pandemic:

    6. This restaurant adapted to the new QR code standard in a super-sustainable way:

    7. This restaurant decided to reduce, reuse, and recycle in the coolest way when it came to their tables:

    8. This restaurant has buttons to call your server so you don't need to flag them down every time:

    9. This restaurant has a kids menu translated to "kids language":

    10. Meanwhile, this restaurant's menu lets you send a little goodwill to the kitchen staff:

    11. This bar has a special code to keep customers safe if a date isn't going well:

    12. This restaurant has branded ice cubes that add an extra fun little detail to your drink:

    13. This bar has a cold metal bar to prevent your drinks from getting too warm:

    14. This restaurant gives you a bird's-eye view of the chefs in action as they roll pizza dough:

    15. This restaurant gives you a tiiiiny little ladle so you can distribute your soy sauce perfectly:

    16. This restaurant gives their wine bottles a whole new life instead of throwing them away:

    17. And this restaurant has swings as seats to add a little fun to your meal:

    h/t: mildlyinteresting