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    18 People Who — I Guarantee — Their Servers Absolutely Hated

    Servers deserve better than this.

    1. These people who decided to turn the dining room into their child's personal theater:

    Letting your kid watch a movie on full volume in a restaurant... from mildlyinfuriating

    2. These people who let their kids think the table was their own personal runway:

    Don’t let you kids walk on the table at a restaurant! from trashy

    3. These people who gave no fucks about the server who'd have to clean their child's mess off the window:

    This family letting their 5yr old daughter smash a ketchup covered corn dog all over the window of this restaurant over and over again. from trashy

    4. These people who let their child think everything at the table was a toy:

    Thank you to whoever let their kid play around with a display piece in my restaurant :) from trashy

    5. These people who probably didn't tip, either:

    The trashy family that let their kids run wild and then left this awful mess at a Mexican Restaurant in GA from trashy

    6. These people who could've easily found a nearby bathroom or trash can:

    Server posing with a used tampon left under a table at a restaurant from trashy

    7. These people who thought simply having their dog with them in the dining room just wasn't enough.

    Letting your dog on the table with you in a babychair. In a Restaurant from trashy

    8. These people who HAD to know some poor service staff member would have to fish out these scraps:

    Throwing Fortunes Into the Restaurant Fountain... from trashy

    9. Ditto on the people who busted out the Sharpie on this changing table:

    Putting graffiti on a changing table in a restaurant. from trashy

    10. These people who honestly have ZERO respect:

    Leaving dirty diapers at your table after leaving a restaurant is pretty trashy from trashy

    11. This person who exposed their server to their bare toes:

    I hate people that do this in restaurants from trashy

    12. This person who decided to rest his dirty shoes RIGHT ON THE TABLE:

    This guy putting his dirty shoes on top of a Restaurant's table from trashy

    13. This person who may not have physically gone INTO the restaurant, but definitely made their presence felt:

    Customer ordered all this food on UberEats and cancelled the order the moment I finished making everything. from Wellthatsucks

    14. These people who ran their car into the wall after their meal:

    Nothing like a car running into the restaurant to end a meal. Thank goodness it decided to find the solid portion of the wall and not any of the windows. from Wellthatsucks

    15. These people who weaponized ketchup instead of just asking for a goddamn pen:

    A Facebook friend proudly posts lack of tipping and creating a mess for the server from trashy

    16. These people who could've easily just asked for a bowl of lettuce and called it a day:

    Older pic when I was a server and these people got salads with everything on the side from mildlyinfuriating

    17. These people who, quite frankly, are monsters:

    Why would anyone take the time to do this from trashy

    18. And finally, these people who should 100% be in "restaurant jail," if there was such a thing:

    I work in a buffet. Had 3 guests take all this food as soon as we opened, only ate a couple bites, then bounced. Didnt even tip their server. from TalesFromTheKitchen