16 People Who Got An Extra Large Side Of Disappointment With Their Takeout Orders

    My heart hurts.

    1. This person got a pizza that looked more like a Picasso painting:

    2. This person got a slushie with a secret ingredient:

    3. This person just wanted to treat themselves, but the car in front of them had other plans:

    4. This person took a chance that really didn't pay off:

    5. This person wanted mashed potatoes and instead got what I'm going to call Wet Potato™:

    6. This person got some manicotti with a little surprise:

    7. This person really underestimated how many bumps there'd be on their ride home:

    8. This person broke the bank for a slab of meat and a bun:

    9. This person probably regretted ordering extra sauce:

    10. This person received the saddest appetizer known to human kind:

    11. This person probably had a lot of questions (and rightfully so):

    12. This person narrowly missed chipping their tooth:

    13. This person's takeout order came with an extra special ink topping:

    14. This person's got the extra thrill of having to put their order back together:

    15. This person probably didn't expect to drink their coffee out of a bag, but lo and behold:

    16. And finally, this person's expensive sushi had an expected guest:

    h/t: r/Wellthatsucks and r/mildlyinfuriating