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    16 Greedy Landlords Who Made 2022 Absolute Hell For Their Tenants

    "I know you are still in the hospital, but rent was due yesterday. Are you able to arrange to get rent paid?"

    1. This landlord who wanted to damage the apartments themself so they could keep the security deposit from their tenant:

    Landlord asking other landlords, "What's the best way to keep your tenants' bond money?" This one needs it to get their car serviced, but the tenants left the house "in pristine condition"; they're thinking of maybe scratching the wood floor

    2. This landlord who didn't damage the apartment but instead gave this lazy, greedy excuse for keeping a security deposit:

    Landlord thanks tenant for leaving the unit in great condition but says they didn't have a refundable security deposit, and "Good luck on your next journey!"

    3. This landlord who decided to punish any tenant for leaving their clothes in the laundry room:

    A list of laundry room rules, including "Clothes or any other articles left in the laundry room overnight will be discarded by staff"

    4. This landlord who tried to impose a freaking HEATING ALLOWANCE on their tenants:

    A note telling tenants to make sure the heating is left on "auto" and not "constant" or else they'll go over their heating allowance

    5. This landlord who tried to use their tenant's renters insurance to fix the building's roof (aka scam them):

    Landlord asking if the tenant's renters insurance will cover roof damage, and renter says the leak preceded them and then posts a statement from their insurance saying it doesn't cover roof damage

    6. This landlord who evicted a healthcare worker in the middle of a pandemic:

    Landlord says they're nervous about having someone from the NHS [the UK's National Health Insurance] there, since it's only a matter of time before they come in contact with the virus, and asks them to get an Airbnb and leave the next day

    7. This landlord who tried to charge over $5,000 to rent an apartment and then told the tenant to change the carpet when they moved out:

    There's a pet monthly rent of $220, so the total monthly rent would be $3,000
    The total deposit is $5,500, and then before the tenant moves out, they have to "change the carpet completely" and return the unit to "original cleanliness," and they would get the deposit back minus "the basic contract written cleaning fee"

    8. This landlord who said, "Dog poop? Time to charge ALL the residents with pets":

    Note from the apartment managers sats if the poop on the lawns doesn't stop, all residents with pets will get a $20/month rent increase, and asks residents to tell them which resident is responsible for the poop

    9. This landlord who'd rather let their tenants die in a fire than provide them with a fire extinguisher:

    A new tenant of a duplex 1BR asks about fire extinguishers and is told there wasn't one when they viewed the apartment and no, the landlord has never provided one and doesn't plan to

    10. This tenant who bent over backward trying to rationalize nickel-and-diming their tenants:

    Landlord says the $75 they charged for a $20 ceiling lampshade was for their time to drive to Home Depot and then to the apartment and replace the lampshade

    11. This landlord who saw a kind, heartfelt gesture and said, "PAY ME":

    Tenant who left a box of chocolate and coffee in the apartment as a gift to the bldg manager was charged 20 pounds for "removal of leftover personal belongings"

    12. This landlord who let their tenants take cold showers because they were too lazy to fix the boiler:

    Note informing tenants that they sent a bid to the owners to replace the boiler and they'll let them know when it's approved and a day is announced

    13. This tenant who tried to forbid tenants from using the stove and oven (even though the unit clearly comes with a stove and oven):

    A description of a 4BR house with plenty of street parking, fast Wi-Fi, with "simple cooking like microwave cooking" and salads and sandwich prep allowed, but to frying or use of the oven

    14. This landlord who didn't even bother to write the tenant's name when demanding money:

    "Good day Resident" in salutation from property manager's letter beginning with, "Please see attached invoice and email transfer payment"

    15. This landlord who tried to limit how much their tenants did laundry:

    A handwritten note left to "everyone" saying that they're using the laundry too much, their electric bill was double, they can't keep paying 250 to 300 per month, and if it doesn't change, they're going to cut off laundry access

    16. And finally, this landlord who asked for rent even though their tenant was in the hospital:

    "Hey, I know you are still in the hospital, but rent was due yesterday; are you able to arrange to get rent paid?"

    What's the worst behavior you've seen from your landlord? Tell us in the comments.

    H/T: r/LandlordLove.