17 Trends That People Are SO GLAD Aren't A Thing Anymore, And DO NOT Want To See Ever Again

    "Overuse of the word 'epic.' For a while, everything was 'epic.' Ugh."

    Whether we like it or not, fads and trends are a part of our culture. Some are good, and some are...not so good.

    So when Reddit user u/Animeking1108 asked the the people of the internet, "What fad are you glad died out?" I was curious to see what everyone had to say. Here are some of the most upvoted responses:

    1. "Double polo shirts with the popped collars."

    a man wearing two polo shirts with their collars popped

    2. "Overuse of the word 'epic.' For a while, everything was 'epic.' Ugh."

    3. "YOLO culture. Not like the YOLO where you take a vacation that you’ve always wanted, but doing stupid shit because, 'YOLO.'"

    4. "LuLaRoe. I never understood the trend. Weird fabric with ugly patterns."

    LuLaRoe patterns

    5. "The clowns standing in the middle of the street or in the woods. Glad that's over."

    Middlesboro police catch man in scary clown costume. More on @WKYT @WYMT

    @philtvnews / Via Twitter: @philtvnews

    6. "Moustache finger tattoos."

    a woman holding up a mustache finger tattoo to her face

    7. "Ed Hardy shirts."

    Ed Hardy tank top

    8. "Low-fat or no-fat everything. I didn’t know yogurt could taste so good, and I thought everyone cooked with light oil spray. Thanks, mum."

    low-fat yogurt cup

    9. "Live Love Laugh signs."

    Live laugh love sign on a door

    10. "Paper-thin and over-plucked eyebrows."

    Gwen Stefani with thin eyebrows

    11. "Those rubber Livestrong-style bracelets. They had a different color for everything."

    a person wearing a Livestrong bracelet

    12. "Wearing jeans underneath skirts and randomly throwing on a tie with any outfit."

    Ashley Tisdale on the red carpet in the skirt with jeans look

    13. "Those jelly shoes. No matter what style, just sweaty feet and insane blisters."

    a person wearing jellies

    14. "Furbies. No, I will not be taking questions about them waking me up like happy little demons at 2:30 a.m. at this time."

    Furby dolls

    15. "3D TVs and movies. They were something no one ever asked for before they were basically forced on us."

    people wearing 3D glasses in a theater

    16. "Kale in EVERY FOOD for 'health.' I am mildly allergic, and it causes my entire mouth and throat to itch as if I've eaten a cactus. Even fast-food places were adding 'healthy kale' to their salads and sandwiches."

    a burger with kale on it

    17. And finally, "planking."

    a woman planking

    Are there any fads/trends you were happy to see die out? Tell us in the comments.

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.