15 Screenshots Of Brides Acting Completely Out Of Line Simply Because They're Getting Married

    "Is it tacky for my future sister-in-law to get engaged two months before my wedding? I feel like she should've gotten engaged months earlier or at this point just wait until after our wedding."

    As someone who's yet to get married, I often peruse subreddits like r/bridezillas and r/weddingshaming to remind myself that weddings, although just a single day, can bring out the WORST in people. Here are just a few screenshots to prove my point:

    1. This bride who expects their guests to pay up, provide free labor, and adhere to a specific dress code:

    guests need to come early to set up, they can't wear floral colors, and they have to pay $360

    2. This bride who wants a completely silent ceremony...and reception:

    bride requesting total silence for the ceremony and then whispers during the reception

    3. This bride who lied to her bridesmaid about expenses and then suggested they do a PAYMENT PLAN so she can be in the wedding:

    bridesmaid who can't afford the $900 being bullied by the bride to be in her overseas wedding

    4. This newly unemployed bride who threw a fit because her fiancé doesn't want to get a second job to help pay for the wedding:

    wanting the fiance to get a second job to pay $80,000 for their wedding

    5. This bride who went on a very entitled tangent about bridesmaids picking their own ceremony dresses:

    bride being selfish and wanting bridesmaids to look exactly the same because attention should be on her

    6. This bride who doesn't think anyone should be allowed to get engaged within months of their wedding date:

    bride saying she doesn't want to share the spotlight

    7. This bride who doesn't think anyone should be allowed to get engaged within the same YEAR as their wedding date:

    bride wants to tell her best friend she should wait a year to get married

    8. This absolutely awful bride who wants to exclude a friend from her bridal party because of their body type:

    bride trying to justify her reason

    9. This bride who apparently thinks getting engaged means a free manicure:

    bride confused why no one has offered to pay for her nials

    10. This bride genuinely screwed herself out of $15,000:

    bride mad that the rich family came to the wedding with a small gift box after not buying anything from the registry
    when the bride realized it was a 15K check it was too late, because she had kicked out her family and caused a scene already

    11. This bride wants to use her uncle's death as an opportunity to un-invite his widow from the wedding:

    bride wondering if she can un-invite her dad's friend's wife after being widowed

    12. This "influencer" bride who tried to swindle photographers out of thousands of dollars worth of service in exchange for "exposure":

    bride's manager detailing how a bride will need a photographer and will give them exposure

    13. This bride who forced their dog to carry and birth a litter of puppies in order to help pay for the wedding:

    bride saying she decided to breed their dog to sell puppies to pay for the wedding

    14. This bride who fired their makeup artist for not being married with children, and then had the gall to ask for the (non-refundable) deposit back:

    bride wanting the deposit back because she doesn't like that the makeup artist is unmarried with children

    15. And finally, this bride who's actively trying to stop their future step-child from attending their wedding:

    bride saying she's given a photo of her stepdaughter to the photographer to make sure she's not photographed during the wedding

    H/T: r/bridezillas and r/weddingshaming