18 Things Vegetarians Are 100% Tired Of Hearing

    "Do you eat fish?"

    1. "So, why did you decide to become a vegetarian???"

    2. "Wow I could NEVER be a vegetarian."

    3. "OK, so what do you eat???"

    4. "But where do you get your protein??"

    5. Do you eat eggs?

    6. Do you eat chicken?

    7. Do you eat fish?

    8. "So that means you're vegan."

    9. "Not eating meat seems unhealthy."

    10. "Do you just sit around and eat salads all day?"

    11. "I tried being vegetarian for like a week once."

    12. "What about plants??? Those are living things too!"

    13. "Can't you just eat meat this ONE time??"

    14. "So if I put some meat in front of you right now, what would you do?"

    15. "You know, the Bible says we're supposed to eat meat."

    16. "The only vegetarian option I have is this veggie platter. Will that work for you?"

    17. "Is that all you're eating? I don't want you to STARVE!!!"

    18. And my all-time favorite: "But what about bacon???"